Offering Hope, Choice & Opportunity


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Prime Time House.

Mental Illness is a tragic disease that impacts 1 in 4 families in Connecticut's Northwest Corner. Symptoms of the illness often damages relationships, increase isolation, and interrupt goals of higher education and employment. Prime Time House's mission is to create pathways to independence so the members of our organization can reconnect with their community.  We sincerely believe anyone, given the right support, a sense of respect and dignity, and most importantly, a sense of hope, can and will succeed. In fact, Prime Time House has proven this for almost twenty five years!

I have had the privilege of working for Prime Time House for many years and in many capacities.  Starting as a Vocational Counselor when Prime Time House was called Cook's Vocational Enterprise in 1990, and later working as the Clubhouse Director from 1995-2002, I experienced the transition from a small nonprofit to a thriving community based organization.  We overcame many challenges along the way and we have many friends and supporters to thank for where we are today. 

Currently as Executive Director it is my hope to increase our organization's presence in the community and continue to develop opportunities for our members.  We are constantly looking at new opportunities and initiatives to do this, as well as perfecting those we currently have in place.  Prime Time House aims to provide quality, evidence based, accredited programming and that is also my goal. 

But my words could never fully convey the good work done at Prime Time House.  I invite you to stop by for a tour and let our members share their stories with you.


Lisa Lynch, MSW

Lisa Lynch is the Executive Director of Prime Time House.  She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and Administration and has worked in the field of community mental health for over 20 years.

Board of Directors 2016 - 2017


Susan Rea, President

John Mehm, Ph.D, Vice President

Gretchen Doolittle, Secretary

Karin Lawrence, Treasurer


Marlene Battistoni

Jim MacGillavry

Dory Miville

Louisa Roraback

Oliver Taeb

Sandra Zielinski

Nancy Gandolfo, Ex-Officio

Advisory Committee 2016 - 2017

Mary Baker

Martha Bernstein

Stacey Caren

Rep. Michelle Cook

Deirdre DiCara

Hon. Anne Dranginis

Nancy Gandolfo

Larry Henrickson

Susan Jordan, Esq.

Gerald Libby

Jim MacGillavry

Jackie Miller

Cathy Oneglia

Michael Rooke, Ph.D.

Brenda Sherman

Marc Trivella, LCSW

Rep. Roberta Willis

Mary Winslow