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The Prime Time Clubhouse Program

Our Program Includes:

The Work-Ordered Day


Employment Supports


Social Recreation Programs

Wellness Programs

The Work-Ordered Day

The daily activity at Prime Time Clubhouse is organized around a work-ordered day.  This system mimics the typical work day and all work is done for the betterment of the Clubhouse. Typical tasks include: food preparation, new member orientation, transportation, clubhouse maintenance, employment development, and creating daily and monthly newsletters. Since there is no clinical treatment in the Clubhouse, members are encouraged to participate in tasks that match their individual interests. Participation builds new found confidence in skills.

"Prime Time House has been a place for me to go and be of service....a place where I can help myself and others by talking about shared challenges.  I am able to use my talent as an educator".


Because of our rural location, we assist members who do not have access to public transportation to get to the clubhouse and to transitional employment sites. Members assist with vehicle maintenance, tracking mileage and coordinating daily runs. We also give members the opportunity to become drivers and assist with the daily transportation responsibilities.

 Prime Rides – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, we provide free transportation to members of Prime Time and other individuals who utilize mental health services in this area. Rides must be signed up for in advance. Different routes each day provide an opportunity for individuals to get to doctor’s appointments, shopping locations, laundromats, and accomplish other errands.

Employment Supports

The Clubhouse provides members with opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings through Transitional Employment. Transitional Employment is a unique partnership between the Clubhouse and an employer that has been proven to increase an individual’s success at future employment. The Clubhouse looks to employers to offer us part time positions at their companies for the prevailing wage they would pay anyone else.

Some characteristics of Transitional Employment are:

  • The Clubhouse staff learn the job first, they select and train the individual, and offer ongoing support to the employee and employer as needed.
  • Should the employee be unable to make a shift, the Clubhouse staff covers the position at no cost to the employer, guaranteeing that the job gets done every shift to the Employer’s satisfaction.
  • The Employee will work for approximately 6-9 months, then transition on, allowing the Clubhouse to place another employee in that position, and the process starts again.

Transitional Employment is designed to reduce training, benefits and recruitment costs, while guaranteeing 100% coverage. Employers may qualify for additional tax credits for working with us. Our commitment to our employers is given the highest priority, as these are valuable opportunities for our members. Please call 860 482-3636 to learn more.



The Clubhouse offers educational opportunities for members to complete or start certificate or degree programs at academic institutions and adult education programs. Staff advise members on financial aid and scholarship research, as well as how to complete application forms. In house tutoring and computer training are part of the work ordered day.

Social Recreation Program

Together, members and staff organize and plan social activities that occur both at the Clubhouse and in the community for our evening, weekend and holiday hours. The weekend and evening hours allow members who work or attend school during the weekday the chance to still attend the Clubhouse for support.


Not to be overlooked, an important aspect of the Clubhouse is encouragement of health and fitness. A fitness room is located in the basement complete with equipment for members' supervised use.  Fitness walks and recreational hikes are routinely scheduled to keep members active.  Every Wednesday evening, a Wellness program and dinner is held.  The menu includes healthy food options of which the members are taught how to prepare.  During the summer months, fresh vegetables and fruits are in abundance for members to eat in the Clubhouse and take home.   Discussions include weight loss and diabetes control. Smoking cessation sessions are held weekly and members are supported through this process.