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Friends of Prime Time House (FoPTH)

Friends of Prime Time House (FoPTH) was incorporated November 15, 1993 in the State of Connecticut as a charitable not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization.  The primary purpose of FoPTH is to benefit, assist and further the corporate mission and vision of Prime Time House, Inc.

In 1996 FoPTH purchased the campus on Main Street in Torrington, CT for the programs of Prime Time House, Inc. FoPTH is the primary asset holder and fundraising arm for the agency.  The agency has a voluntary Board of Directors and committees such as Development, Finance and Governance which works with the Administrative staff of Prime Time House, Inc. to raise funds from the communities in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.  

FoPTH pursues the objectives of soliciting and receiving gifts, contributions, grants, and bequests as well as develops and provides leadership in fundraising, special events and implementing major gift campaigns.  FoPTH articulates the agency's mission, accomplishments and goals, enhancing the program's image to the community.

In addition to direct appeals, reports to the community and newsletters, many special events are planned.