Offering Hope, Choice & Opportunity

Provide Employment Opportunities

Helping members find and keep real jobs for real wages within the larger community is a primary goal of Prime Time House, Inc. For many people with mental illnesses, having a job helps to keep them stable. It creates routine and order and provides income. For many, the journey of recovery includes acquiring or returning to social roles in the community – including that of being an employee.

Prime Time House members have worked
in many fields including:

Home Health Aids
Certified Nurses Assistants
Fast food restaurant workers
Grocery and retail store clerks
Computer Technicians
Private contracting
….and more!

There are two types of opportunities available for employers: Transitional Employment and and Supported Employment.

Transitional Employment

In a transitional employment setting, we look for repetitive, entry level positions that would offer our members opportunities to return to work after a lapse or lack of employment. As an employer, you would offer us a part time position at your company for the prevailing wage you would pay anyone else. Our staff learns the job first, then we select and train an appropriate member. Ongoing support to both the employee and employer is offered as needed.

Should the employee be unable to make a shift, the Prime Time House staff covers the position at no cost to the employer, guaranteeing that the job gets done every shift to the employer’s satisfaction. The employee will work for approximately 6-9 months, then transition to another position, allowing Prime Time House to place another employee in that position, and the process starts again.

These positions would be part-time, up to 20 hours, Monday – Friday 9am-4pm.

Employer Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Coverage
  • Reduces cost of benefits for full-time or long term employees
  • Reduces cost for advertising open positions
  • Reduces cost in training new staff (we do that for you because our staff is the only one you train!)
  • Tax incentives

Our commitment to employers is given the highest priority, as these are valuable opportunities for our members. Please call 860 482-3636 to learn more about Transitional Employment opportunities. 

Supported Employment

Supported Employment refers to traditional employment opportunities and are not time limited.  Although there is a competitive element to the interview process, Prime Time House develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and is available for ongoing support for both the member and the employer.  Positions can be part-time or full-time and would be permanent positions. There is flexibility in hours and schedules as members are expected to access work independently of staff to insure long term success.

Prime Time House works with the employer to determine the specifications and criteria for positions they currently have available. We encourage a member to then apply for the position based on their known interests, education level, and previous experiences.

Employer Benefits:

  • Reduces time in recruiting candidates
  • Reduces costs for advertising open positions
  • Reduces time in reviewing candidate qualifications
  • Tax incentives 
  • Counselor is available to the Employer as needed
  • Workforce diversity in your organization

Our commitment to employers is given the highest priority, as these are valuable opportunities for our members. Please call 860 618-2177 to learn more about Supported Employment opportunities.

Contact Prime Time House at 860-618-2479 for more information about our programs and 

how you or your organization may benefit from working with our members.